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1. Briefing

Diving Into War


Welcome to Alliance War! You’re about to join an epic battle that allows you to flex your entire roster in an all-out assault on an opposing Alliance Helicarrier for big rewards, endless strategy, and limitless opportunities to showcase your skills.

The objective: Outscore your opponents during a 24-hour battle by eliminating opposing forces and destroying Helicarrier rooms while simultaneously defending your own Helicarrier. You will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts: piles of Gold, War Credits, and access to exclusive character shards.

Winning a War is not easy. It requires coordination and strategy. What follows is a complete rundown of Alliance War, along with tips, best practices, and other vital information-everything you need to be successful in Alliance War.

We look forward to having you join the battlefield.

Good luck, Commander!

What is alliance Wars

Alliance War is finally upon us, Commander. Flex your entire roster and battle for loot and fame against other Alliances during these 24-hour battles.

The Goal

Score more points than the enemy Alliance by successfully attacking their defenses while securing your own defenses.


Character shards, Blue, Purple, and Orange gear materials, Leaderboard Rankings, Gold, War Credits and Elite War Credits.


Join an active Alliance to get the most out of Alliance War!

War Home Screen

Make sure you set your defenses and arrange your rooms before War begins.

During peacetime, tap on your Helicarrier in the Alliance War screen to set your Helicarrier defenses.

When War begins and your Alliance is matched with an enemy Helicarrier, the timer will begin the 24-hour countdown.

War ends when the countdown hits 0; the Alliance with the most points wins.

Peacetime is the period between a War ending to 30 minutes before the next War starts. This 30-minute timeframe is used for Alliance matchmaking.


Use peace time before War to optimize your defenses.

1. Briefing

2. Setting Your Defenses

2. Setting Your Defenses

Select a Room

Prevent the enemy alliance from scoring points with a strong defense.

Each Alliance member defends one of two slots in a room.

Green health status bars indicate that the slot has already been claimed by a fellow Alliance Member.

You are responsible for up to 8 defense squads in your chosen room.

Fill in Empty Slots

After selecting an available room, claim a player slot.

Set defense squads in the order you want them attacked (1-8) and consider that attackers can only see two defense squads at a time.

Default S.H.I.E.L.D. Guards automatically fill unassigned defense squad slots.

Replace the default S.H.I.E.L.D. Guards with your own roster characters by selecting a slot.

Selecting your Squad

Tap the S.H.I.E.L.D. Guard you want to remove from your defense Squad.

Defense squads can be filled with a combination of characters from your roster and the room’s S.H.I.E.L.D. Guards.

Characters placed on defense cannot be used to attack during War.

Once you set your defense, you will not have to set them up again unless you move to a different room. Defense teams will carry over from War to War.



Plan your defenses around the various bonuses each room provides: some characters will benefit more than others. For example, Support and Protector characters benefit from the Medbay.


Keep in mind that characters on defense cannot attack enemy Helicarriers; winning War involves finding the perfect balance of offense and defense.

2. Setting Your Defenses

3. Attacking


Wipe out enemy defenses with your elite forces to earn points during War.

You start every War with 2 War Energy and gain 1 War Energy every 3.5 hours.

Additional Energy can be purchased in the Blitz Store for a maximum of 4 additional attacks.


Attacking costs 1 War Energy.


Select your target.

When a War starts, the 3 Flight Deck rooms at the top of the Helicarrier are unlocked.

Attack by selecting a room and choosing one of the four available defending squads.

Defeating an enemy squad reveals the next defense squad deployed to the room.

Choose Your Attacking Squad

Characters used to attack can only be used once.

You can attack with fewer than 5 characters from your roster.


Since characters can only be used once to attack, it may be wise to use a smaller elite force of 2 or 3 to destroy weak enemy forces than to use a full squad.

Winning the War

Wipe out enemy defenses with your elite forces to earn points during War.

Defensive team Health persists until that squad is defeated.

Each enemy character you knock out, excluding summons, grants your Alliance 1 point.

Defeat one player in a room to unlock the adjacent above and below rooms. Eliminate both players to reveal horizontally adjacent rooms.

If you defeat an entire room’s defenses, it explodes, grants you bonus points, and disables the room’s bonuses for the remaining duration of the War.


Enemy forces do not replenish Health automatically after a fight, so whittle away at them with relentless attacks.

War Consumables

Top off your teams with War consumables to ensure your Alliance is victorious.

War consumables are purchasable in the Blitz Store.

War Defense Boost: Apply this boost to a defense team to apply an extra buff to a defending squad.

War Energy Refills: Use refills to purchase add War Energy during a War, for a max of 4 additional attacks.


Use these consumables sparingly and only when necessary because they have capped values.

Spoils of War

Collect your rewards and strengthen your roster for the next War.

Once a War is complete, you will obtain your rewards via Inbox message.

Your Alliance will also gain leaderboard points that vary depending on victory or defeat.

Losses receive the same amount of leaderboard points as ties, so do whatever it takes to win!

Check out the War Store to purchase exclusive rewards with your War Credits.


Bonus points are given based on an Alliance’s Total Collection Power.

3. Attacking

4. Alliance Leader Tips

War Preparation

Offense & Defense Assignments

Characters can only be used once during a War --either on attack or on defense, not both.

Consider attacking and defending with roughly the same total Team Power. It is important Alliance members have a broad roster.

Defense assignments can only be changed during peacetime.

It is good practice to give special attention to guarding the rooms with the highest point value.

Place characters in rooms where the bonuses play to their strengths.

Once you set up your defenses, the set up will carry over from War to War unless you change rooms.

War Preparation

Teammate Strength

Evaluate which Alliance members should defend each room.

A player’s Total Collection Power is a good way to estimate how effective they will be in War.

Coordinate defensive slot setups with all Alliance members.

War Preparation

Room Placement

Room placement is not permanent and can be altered between Wars.

While setting your defenses, tap “Move Rooms” to switch the positions of the rooms.

Rooms are worth various point values, which should be considered when arranging rooms throughout the Helicarrier.

Be mindful of which rooms are next to each other, as some impact the rooms adjacent to them.

Your opponents will not see the arrangement of your rooms until they defeat at least one of your Helicarrier’s room defense slots. Since some rooms hold more bonus points, consider how to misdirect them by strategically placing rooms in your Helicarrier.

War Defense


Eliminate key bonus room bonuses as soon as possible to gain an advantage for the rest of the War.

If an Alliance member doesn’t have a full offensive roster, consider using fewer than 5 characters to attack a weaker enemy.

The objective is to earn more points than your enemy and not necessarily to take out their Helicarrier. Plan attacks accordingly.

Rooms can turn the tide of War. Always be mindful of the special bonuses in each room when attacking or setting up defenses.

War Defense

Battle Coordination

When one player’s 8 defending squads are all defeated in a room, the rooms above and below will unlock. When both players in a room are defeated, the adjacent left and right rooms will also unlock. Take this into consideration when organizing how your Alliance will attack the enemy Helicarrier.

Strategize how to reveal your enemy’s high-value rooms.

Tapping the blue "Attack" button will indicate to your Alliance members to attack that specific room.

4. Alliance Leader Tips

Orient to Portrait